Your partner in content creation &
brand development

Your partner in content creation & brand Develop-

Blep was founded by Ben Zacaroli as an answer to a brand's need for a consistent flow of content. We specialize in creating sustainable content strategies and affirming client direction without passing along the traditional, cumbersome, and expensive production timelines.


Turnkey Content

Blep's production model succeeds through relationships with multifaceted individuals. A modern approach to content involves a diverse skillset, and allows us to build smaller and more versatile teams. A tighter and more capable crew means a more efficient and cost-effective approach.


Blep's Pillars

Think Positively

There will always be hiccups in production. This pillar reinforces our constant effort to be problem solvers and focus on moving forward through challenges. A deliberately positive attitude is simply good business.

Practice Transparency

The production process is made up of many little details. This pillar reminds us that each one is important, and each one is worth communicating to our crew and clients. Hide nothing and keep everyone working as one.

Create Intentionally

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. This pillar represents our approach to all of the creative work we do. Considered creative will always be more beneficial to everyone involved. Take the time, and do it right the first round.

Respect Always

Respect for one another. Respect for our clients. Respect for every vendor, team member and individual our business will touch. This is a non-negotiable for us. Simply because our success relies on good relationships.