Frequently asked

Frequently asked questions

What's your bread and butter?

Where we feel most at home is on projects where we can help from start to finish. We find that we are most proud of the work we make when we have had a hand in creative development through to post-production. This helps us ensure that the hands touching the project are those that we have vetted and whom we trust.

You have a whole page for ecommerce. How does that differ from other forms of content?

Ecommerce production is different from other production just by virtue of its scale and quantity. Often times these projects are ongoing, retainer-based projects designed to ensure Blep is always ready to shoot new product, and bulk discounts are found for our clients. If you have a product-based brand and you need consistent imagery, we will work with you to create a self-sustaining strategy that never leaves you waiting for images.

Do we have a say in the crew members and talent the Blep assigns to our project?

Yes. Blep will always make recommendations based on our experience, but we will never override our client's preference. If there are preferred talent within budget, we will always prioritize them. Similarly, if there are talent that our clients prefer not to work with we will respect that as well.

Does Blep do design work as well?

In the same way we work with crews for productions, we also work with talent outside of our discipline. For branding and creative direction projects, Blep is often working hand in hand with designers. Because of this we have teams we are familiar with, and happy to recommend.

If you're a client looking to keep all of your creative work under one roof, Blep's project management will handle design project management and simplify your life.

Do you do probono work?

The simple answer is yes, but these projects are considered on an individual basis and are almost never for commercial clients. This said, if you need creative work and you feel the brand or company you are working for represents a worthwhile cause, we would love to hear from you.

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is simple, and begins with a client's budgets. Assigning the right team to each project ensures that clients are making the most of their dollars and not spending more than they want to.

A huge part of pricing as well is transparency in scale and deliverables. Blep will always make sure that expectations are set according to each budget.

What if a client has the the idea and just needs help making it happen?

In the same way we can scale up to handle any project, we can also scale down. If it's just production and logistics you need, we would be happy to provide that and ensure your idea has the right planning involved for it to succeed.

If we are in the process of starting a brand, can we bring you on before we have our brand figured out?

Our talent ranges from producers, to creative directors, and even brand consultants. Any step of the way and we are happy to come alongside you and grow with you.

Where are you based?

We are based on Brooklyn, NY but we have friends all over the place. If you've got a production in mind, and you're not from NY theres a good chance we can still help!

What is your process?

Our work falls into three main phases: 1. Identifying the clients' needs, 2. Scoping the services and timeline, 3. Engaging the talent.

Though there are more details than this to every unique process, these three steps ensure that the right people are on the project, and the clients' expectations are in line with they work they'll receive.

How will we communicate during the project?

While email is our primary form of communication, we do use a suite of other google apps along the way. Google Meet for calls, Slides for visuals, Drive for delivery, and Sheets for budgets. If you are outside of the Google suite, we're happy to use whichever platform you're on as well. For quick chats and messaging we set all of our clients up with slack messaging. and finally, provided our crew and talent are on board with it, we are also happy to provide our phone numbers.

Are you always taking on new clients?

Because our team is specialized, and made up primarily of freelancers, the onboarding process is seamless. This means that when your project comes in, we can build accordingly. So yes, always.

If I reach out via email, when can I expect a response?

The simple answer is within a day. The email account listed on this site is connected directly to our founder's account. If for some reason there is a production keeping us occupied, you'll receive an automated emails with the details of when you can expect to hear back.